Smoking Moringa


I fasted on Moringa alone for 30 days. What was I thinking? 

I was sick, I had onset Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome for 13 years. I was only 25 the time I came across Moringa. I started to fast to clean my liver. I had fatty liver probably from years of drinking, eating sugar, drinking alcohol, you know from college. But it mostly started when I was 13 when I was really young. So I had the problem before I even started drinking alcohol. And that’s why I continued to balance everything, you know, substances; alcohol, cannabis,  tobacco.


Tobacco gives me a headache so I don’t dabble in tobacco anymore. But Moringa, I’ve smoked Moringa to help get off of tobacco. I rolled dried Moringa  and just smoked it with other spices. I used herbs like sage and oregano, you know, just help to get off those cravings and that tendency to need to have that habit of smoking something.


Maringa can help in that way too. It’s anti-inflammatory so it it actually helps helps loosen up circulation even rolling it in a joint.

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