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Scaling Success: Growing Moringa Trees for a $100,000 Income

In the first year of business, when I started growing more trees on other people’s properties and I was going to the farmers market I made $28,000. In the second year, I made $49,000 thousand dollars at the farmers market just by growing Moringa trees and selling Moringa trees and products that we we make from the Moringa trees. By the third year we raised $75,000 dollars from online sales phone sales and selling Moringa greens at the farmers market. Now we’re upward of $150,000 a year in moringa sales, collectively as we are scaling faster with member fulfillment opportunities.

Moringa Mastery: Expert Strategies to Maintain Bushy Drumstick Trees

The moringa tree also known as the drumstick tree is native to India and Africa; it’s a subtropical tropical tree that we grow here right here in Plant City right outside Tampa, Florida. We’re just right off of I-4 and macintosh and we’re open Saturdays from 10 to 2. You can grab moringa trees in pots as well as many of the other moringa tree products that we make fresh and local. The drumstick is the most valuable part of the moringa tree. It holds the most amount of nutrients, it holds the most amount of value, it’s eaten prevalently throughout thedeveloping world as a staple food vegetable.

Moringa Seed Oil: The All-Purpose Elixir for Health and Wellnessl

All of the drumsticks are from February to now. We’ve harvested the tree back several times. It regrows, we cut it back it, regrows and every year it produces tons and tons of drumsticks. This is the moringa tree and it’s very valuable because inside the drumsticks are the seeds. Each tree can produce thousands and thousands of moringa seeds. The great thing about moringa seeds is that they are completely edible. They’re a little bit bitter, but if you chew it really good it’s like medicine and then it turns really sweet. Moringa seeds are highly medicinal and highly valuable in the body. They grow into young moringa trees which we’re growing right here on the farm.

Moringa Smoking Blends: A Herbal Approach to Relaxation

I fasted on Moringa alone for 30 days. What was I thinking?
I was sick, I had onset Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome for 13 years. I was only 25 the time I came across Moringa. I started to fast to clean my liver. I had fatty liver probably from years of drinking, eating sugar, drinking alcohol, you know from college. But it mostly started when I was 13 when I was really young. So I had the problem before I even started drinking alcohol. And that’s why I continued to balance everything, you know, substances; alcohol, cannabis, tobacco.

Invasive or Invited? Debunking the Myth of Moringa’s Invasiveness

Invasion Nation: Exploring the Factors That Land Species on Florida’s Invasive List To be honest the main reason why moringa is on the invasive list is because a small handful of families dictate what’s going to be grown and where in Florida. Sugar and citrus have been Florida’s biggest crops to date. Florida overall is […]

Fast-Track Gardening: My 45-Day Moringa Harvest Adventure

Hey there greetings and welcome! One of the most common questions that we get is how soon can I harvest my moringa trees. This is a plot of moringa that is about 45 days old, and we’re going to make our first harvest. You’ll be able to make your first harvest after 45 days! Can you believe that? From seed it sprouts, and it turns into a nice green forest of moringa just like this. This is our intensive style bed that we have all throughout the front part of the farm. The point of doing this is to be able to get fresh micro greens; to be able to help get some income fast. This can happen every 45 days. You can bring in a harvest and grab some to either dry it or potentially just sell it fresh as a fresh micro green at the farmer’s market.

1st Annual Members Meeting

1st Annual Members Meeting Hosted By: Kendrick Henry, Co-Founder of The Grow Moringa Collective 2-Hour LIVE Event in The VIP Members Area on Zoom. Get Access to the 1st Annual Members Meeting for only $25, includes 1 month membership. Topics of Discussion:✅How To Get Started✅Get More Sales Today✅Moringa Networking✅Invisible Structure✅Fractional Franchising✅Growing, Processing, Harvesting✅Moringa Industry News: […]

Enterprise ‘Lifetime’ Membership Share and Certificate

Lifetime Membership Share Become an Owner-Member of The Grow Moringa Collective A REAL LIFETIME CERTIFICATE sent directly to you. Earn 1-Lifetime/Voter Share of The Company. Get Back Profits $$ in Dividend Form. SIGNED, SEALED and DELIVERED TOTAL VALUE of $1,000! A Real Share Certificate. Get LIFETIME Access to All VIP Members Areas Earn Profits From The Grow Moringa Collective Lifetime Members Own […]

Fresh Moringa Microgreens in 30 Days

Harvesting a Raised Bed Greetings and welcome to grow moringa farms.  I’d love to teach you how to package fresh moringa micro greens so let’s jump right in start with a raised bed of micro greens. These are baby moringa trees are sprouted on a raised bed. It’s been amazing, seeing this growth. There is probably about a […]

Hard Money Lenders Earn 13% ROI

Very Special Deal Hey there greetings and welcome to Grow Moringa farms in Plant City, Florida. Look at our beautiful beautiful raised bed system that we have here in the front, lots of Moringa trees. I’m Kendrick Henry your local USA Moringa farmer and I wanted to share with you a very special deal that we have now, put together for […]