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Decoding Yellowing Moringa Leaves: Causes and Solutions

We’re here at Grow Moringa developing a sustainable practice of growing Moringa trees and using permaculture regenerative farming techniques. You may see actually these lower leaves are starting to turn yellow and why do Moringa tree leaves turn yellow? This is a very common question that we receive daily, “Is the tree okay, why are our leaves are turning yellow?” It’s okay I promise you that’s just a sign that those are the older leaves and they’re gonna fall off.

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Scaling Success: Growing Moringa Trees for a $100,000 Income

In the first year of business, when I started growing more trees on other people’s properties and I was going to the farmers market I made $28,000. In the second year, I made $49,000 thousand dollars at the farmers market just by growing Moringa trees and selling Moringa trees and products that we we make from the Moringa trees. By the third year we raised $75,000 dollars from online sales phone sales and selling Moringa greens at the farmers market. Now we’re upward of $150,000 a year in moringa sales, collectively as we are scaling faster with member fulfillment opportunities.

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