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Kendrick Henry, also known as ‘The Father of Farmitecture’, has accomplished a remarkable feat in his life by completing his Master’s Degree in Architecture from USF. He went on to start planting moringa trees on Other Peoples Properties in the year 2015, which served as a foundation for his Moringa Empire and Agricultural Collective. Kendrick’s dedication and passion for the moringa tree have led to the creation of ‘The Grow Moringa Collective’ that now boasts over 400 Members scattered across the United States and other countries. His expertise in permaculture methods also allowed him to grow other crops along with the moringa plant on his farm.

Kendrick’s journey into farming started when he noticed the challenges in eating locally sourced food. As a solution to this problem, he delved into becoming a moringa farmer in the USA. Today, he is eager to help others who want to get started with growing moringa and making money out of it. Feel free to reach out to Kendrick to know more about this opportunity.

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