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✅ The Grow Moringa Collective is a Real Agricultural Collective offering owner-membership shares. Each certificate is valued at $1,000.

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The Grow Moringa Collective LLC Consists of 10,000 Shares in Total.

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Each Owner-Member Share is valued at $1,000.

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✅ Watch Replays: MoringaCon22. Over 31 Hours of Moringa Business Training and Content from the 3-Day Online Conference Event Watch all Recordings.



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✅ Includes Initial On-Boarding to the Grow Moringa Collective VIP Members Areas, Start-up Ideas, Initial Tree Design Ideas and Opportunities to Grow your Moringa Business.

✅VIP Members Area Includes How Many Trees, A Time Frame to Profit, Scope of Work, Cost Analysis and ROI for your Intended Project.

Learn the Requirements Needed To Successfully Lease or Rent Your Property With The Intent to Farm Moringa. Put Your Unused Land To Good Use.

A Message From Kendrick Henry, M. Arch

“In 2015, I started planting moringa trees around the Tampa Bay area, on other people’s properties. Since then, I’ve established over 300 locations planting tens of thousands of moringa trees. Then, I founded the Grow Moringa Collective to educate others on growing moringa for personal use or for a business. That has led me to develop a line of moringa products that are grown and supplied by The Grow Moringa Collective ‘Certified’ Grower Members. We’re proud to announce the hard work of many growers is now available to you. I demand exceptional growing practices with rigorous testing so that way our Grow Moringa Shop Products are proven safe and effective in providing the maximum health benefits. Only the cleanest ingredients and 100% organic.”

Kendrick Henry ‘The Father of Farmitecture’ has a masters degree in architecture. He designs and builds farm houses and their surrounding landscapes while helping others achieve financial freedom through the art of farming moringa trees.

His path to growing moringa trees started after noticing how difficult it was to eat local and approached this problem by becoming a farmer. Ask Kendrick how you can get started making a living from growing moringa today.